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There’s no landscaping project that will be completed without excavation service. To create a stunning and well-designed landscaping, you need to hire highly competent professionals. They can plan, design and build gardens, patios, mini parks, and other structures for any residential and commercial establishments. One of their main tasks is to dig the soil using durable tools and heavy equipment.

At Creating Eden, we make sure that the landscaping design you envision of and yearn for. We are made of a team of experienced builders, landscape designers and other experts that are dedicated to transforming vacant yards or lots of landscaping masterpieces from the ground up. Many of our projects start with our team of experienced excavators. They lay the foundation of picturesque and breathtaking landscaping projects that will become the model of your community.

Our excavation services

Our team for this task is fully furnished with equipment and operators. They are flexible and skilled to work in all conditions to perform the following services:

  • Landscaping – We dig the soil to lay the foundations for retaining walls, decks, patios and other structures. We also till the soil for huge garden plants and trees.
  • Pool digouts – Installation of swimming pools are becoming popular in Australia nowadays. Due to advancements in technology, many residential and commercial properties can now house pools of different sizes, shapes and models. We provide dig-outs for this purpose.
  • Trenches – We excavate the soil to come up with trenches that serves many purposes, such as division of
  • Driveway preparation – To make driveways last long, they should be meticulously constructed. Expert land excavation is needed to ensure the quality and longevity of roads and paved areas in your yard.
  • Other services – Apart from the ones mentioned above, we also provide digouts for water and sewer piping. Moreover, we can also carry out grading service.

The Creating Eden Advantage

At Creating Eden, we make sure you enjoy a new or renovated landscaping for life. We have qualified teams of professionals that are keen on listening to your needs and concerns. Thus, we don’t only do things our way. We see to it that you are involved in the entire landscape renovation process. After all, it is your property. We are only here to make your visions of an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable landscape come to life.

Don’t worry if you’re still clueless about how to fashion your yard or commercial lot. We have unique design solutions that will reflect your character and personality. Being in the industry for 20 years, our team of designers has already mastered the art and science of creating or renovating appealing and functional yards.

We believe that landscaping designs should not only cater the needs and preferences of our clients, they should contribute to the welfare of our clients and the community they are in. Hence, we assure our clients that we only use safe and environment-friendly materials, equipment and practices for greener and healthier homes.

For your excavation and other landscaping needs, contact us to help you create a paradise on your property.