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It’s easy to plan for the garden you’ve always imagined. It’s also exciting to think of how a newly designed lot can be the new place to relax in. The problem is, many homeowners have no idea how to turn your imagination into a reality.

We at Creating Eden offer numerous services, such as concreting and paving, for your landscaping plans for your place to give it an amazing makeover that is suited to your home’s style and your personality.

We have a team of expert professionals that use our own heavy equipment for concreting and paving retaining walls, driveways, poolside areas and slabs.


Make beautiful borders

Over the years, we’ve seen the beauty and other benefits when it comes to having plants as part of the landscape design; whether they’re ground covers, aquatic plants, or evergreens. But the thing about them is that they require watering, weeding, trimming and all sorts of maintenance.

We aim to provide our clients with convenience by making sure we creatively place borders that would separate the plants from the walkways. This is to provide easier access to the homeowners as well as protection to the plants from getting run over or stepped on.


Suits your preference and style

Every homeowner has their own preference and style when it comes to landscape design. Even with concreting and paving, there are other areas where we’ll need their input on such as their preferred colour and theme.

We want our customers to feel that their garden is an extension of their home and something they can use for many important celebrations.


Increases your home’s market and reselling value

By creating beautiful landscaping for our customers, there is no doubt that it will get people talking, seeing how professional landscaping was able to give the entire property a brand-new look and feel. It will make a home feel loved and maintained by its owners. Apart from the increase in the market value, it will also give the owners a chance to score better deals if they decide to put their home up for sale.


Done by professionals

There may be videos showing people how to do certain things that involve concreting and paving. But we’re telling all of you to choose trusting professionals for the job rather than attempting a DIY on your property.

First, a DIY will cost homeowners more. We provide excellent materials that are durable. We also make sure to use the most suitable and high-tech equipment to ensure proper work and installation is provided to our customers. Without much knowledge of this kind of work, they many might end up paying for materials and equipment that couldn’t give the quality of work they paid for.

Second, it will eat up their time. Being in the industry for years, we’ve worked with several types of properties as well as clients and their personal tastes. Without the proper knowledge of how to remodel or build something, it will take up more time and waste more materials which could have been used to for something else.

Apart from concreting and paving, we’ll make sure that any other service you require is in line with the budget you’ve allotted for the landscaping of your property. Visit our services page to see what else our team can do for you.