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Having a strong and beautiful home is one of life’s simple pleasures. Almost every waking moment is spent in our homes and each precious memory is one that we would like to preserve. As such, we understand the need for building retaining walls for your homes to provide a strong foundation that would last for years to come.

Creating Eden Landscaping has been designing and landscaping beautiful homes and gardens for over 20 years. Offering various services such as retaining walls, turf laying, excavation, landscaping, irrigation and drainage, equipment hire and concreting and paving, you can say that our company brings in total job control and excellent project management to handle all your landscaping needs. We cater to clients from Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, giving them a specialised Eden in their own backyard.

Less Erosion

Building these structures minimizes the risk of erosion. Retaining walls help one to have more compact soil that will hold up in varying weather changes. These solidifies the structure and foundation of your property, giving you a more stable land that is both beautiful and safe to enjoy for years to come.

Stunning Views

Aside from having a strong foundation to your land, building these improves the overall appearance of your landscape. This will leave a lasting impression on both your neighbours and guests. With these taking centerstage at your next gathering, this structure provides aesthetics that can surely bring wonders to your home.

Quality Materials

To prevent damaging your homes and property, our walls can be built with stone of your preference: brick, bush rock, sandstone, timber, concrete, blocks and masonry. These quality materials do not only help in protecting the land, they are also easy to maintain and last over time.

For questions about retaining walls, contact Creating Eden Landscaping. We can help jumpstart a piece of paradise for you today.